Writers Rights

Your Rights as a Contributing Partner


Xobba.com considers its writers to be its greatest asset. The writers of Xobba.com are granted the title Contributing Partners, and will always be treated as such. The publishing guidelines of Xobba.com are created to protect and promote the work of its contributing partners. As a publication that uses Adsense as an income source and only partners with Authors who have pre-existing Adsense accounts we expect that our Partners comply with Adsense policy for content and language and keep a safe distance from possibly objectionable content.


All content on Xobba.com is the original work of the contributing Author. All rights are reserved to the creator of each work. The site Xobba.com enjoys only the privilege of showcasing its Contributors work at the Contributors discretion.

The original author of each work will always have the right to remove or edit their content.

The Xobba Promise

Xobba.com reserves the right to change their publishing guidelines at any point, but NEVER will changes in guidelines be retroactively ¬†applied to Partners works. If your published content fits Xobba’s guidelines when it was published, it will always have the right to remain published at the Author’s discretion.



Thank You For Your Contributions,

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