Moving Hubs, Lens and Blog Posts to Our Site

This Your Sub-Title – Use the h2 style or just copy over this line – Keywords here

Dear Author, please use at least 200 words in your article or bookmark. You can delete any of this text or simply highlight it and rewrite to keep the formatting that is in place. Each post should have one “Featured Image,” you can select the uploaded image from the gallery after clicking the link in the right sidebar that says “Featured Image”   The WP Decoratr button above is a great way to quickly find Creative commons images to use in your bookmark or article. If you press the button AFTER writing your post or article it will automatically find keywords and show related images. If you click the Image it will appear in your text up here. But, in order to make it a featured image also, you will need to download that image from Flickr and then re-upload into our gallery via the Featured image link to your right.   This dummy text has already reached 160 words, you can tell by looking in the bottom left of this post box, there is a word counter there.   You can insert an amazon product into this post automatically. To the right you will see an amazon product search module, simply enter your search term and hit enter, that is it. No notification will show. To edit the entry you can enable custom fields to display from the screen options at the top of the screen and then change the search term next to amazon_search.

As long as you have entered your Amazon-ID into your author profile, your ID will appear in that box 90% of the time. Using Amazon makes the most sense when you are discussing a product related concept or bookmark. This is enough Dummy Text. You can delete all of this if its not helpful for you. You can also make it stop appearing by selecting the template options on the bottom of the screen and selecting “none”




Your Linked Content – highlight this text , click the link icon and enter URL – then rewrite text

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