As a writers resource, takes plagiarism very seriously. If you find that your content is posted on this site by a writer without your permission please contact us immediately at admin(at) . We will deal with it swiftly and strictly.

Note from Xobba Admin

On the other side of the equation, we protect the rights and intellectual property of our writers with a vengeance. If you feel you can steal from this site without repercussions you are mistaken. If we find that you are stealing from us you will quickly see legal and personal action. We will enjoy tearing every aspect of your sites and income apart. We will publicly denounce you, contact your relatives and places of employment and business partners, We will call you in the wee hours of the morning to discuss your theft, we will eat your bandwidth in not very nice ways and we will make any email addresses associated with you unusable. We will do this for years. We can infiltrate your personal and professional networks, dont force us to show you our might.

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