Spring Air; Making Damp

Pannish Veil

Josh Gallagher


Spring Air, making damp,

warm groomed underbrush
Silk Forests, teeming with Hickory Wood

Two bunnies romp
Scents that excite, nostrils flareHand.19409.RFC.WDC.15jun96
Photo by ElvertBarnes

When the hares run bare


Feverishly palming on downy delights
Doeful eyes,

glazed gaze

Brown nether delta, explored
In and Out

Roman warrior,.clad

Battling life, plastically
Thousands die in reservoir land

Crevice jelly, tastes explored
Hip hug, pungent air


Reaching deeply, Tut’s lair
Pricked softly, edge pulling hair
Openly spreading our shared gates

Lovingly leading

immediately feeding
falling and seeing
feeling and reeling
soaring and rowing
fluids are flowing
roosters are crowing
hares run bare


tree to flee
pushin bush
pinch, scratch, kiss
withholdin bliss


legs, members and hair,collaborationhiddentemplel3
Photo by whitney waller

This tangled affair
Gives glimpse of
life’s purpose
Missionary and chair


Hidden temple,
your spices I crave
texture, flavor, really close shave
while rhythmically lathering organic shafts
with nectar of gods, tongue-lapped

Chakra Line, Kama flow
Demi-gods, trumpets blow


Hares ran bare, moist pockets crying,
nights of undress and sacred congress lying


Deflating King Richard
And the pride that he claims
Knowledge of bible both
Inside and out . . . in and. . . . . out


Leaking birthplaces Loving marathon races
Many motion only through paces


Aromatic aura of sweat-lined mounds
Drift pleasantly through satisfied minds


Pleasure bathed is the hibernating bearChaucer
Photo by Marji Beach

Groggily gripping, wakefulness slipping
Cradle paved, bear and bare
Cradle saved, romanware

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